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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Angel of Hope by Linda Hess

As a Christmas baby (December 23) my mother began collecting angels for me from the day I was born.  As I grew, I began adding to the collection on my own until it has found its way into pretty much every room in our home.  With that in mind, you can imagine that they have emerged in my various crafting projects. 

As I looked through the Sin City Stamps shop I found the Wings Stencil (#scs114).  I had to have it! A design quickly began to take shape in my head.  As soon as the package arrived I began experimenting with a variety of papers and embossing powder colors until I finally hit on the combo that met my vision.
Place stencil on paper and use VersaMark to stamp over the opening.  Make sure to cover image completely.  The VersaMark product has a longer drying time than regular ink pads, so it allows extra time for adding embossing powder after the stencil is removed.  (Note: Since I was placing this into a frame with an existing mat I made sure to leave enough space around the wing image to fill the space)
Sprinkle stamped image liberally with embossing powder (shown: Recollections Vintage Blue).  Pour excess powder back into the jar.  Check image and clean up any excess powder clinging to the paper BEFORE heating!
Heat until set.  Be sure to move the heat gun back & forth while setting powder otherwise the paper can scorch!  (Note: if this is your first time to work with embossing powder be sure to start heating on a low setting)

With the base for my project complete it is (of course) time to pull out the polymer clay.  I have a wonderful doll mold from Penni Jo Couch's Best Flexible Molds ( [Caboshapes II- Divas].  The large doll/Diva shape fits perfectly with the wings.  I put a few slices of patterned cane together, smoothing the seams (contact me directly for more info on polymer clay canes).  I then positioned the sheet of patterned clay in the mold and added additional clay to fill out the bodice and face.  Once filled excess clay is removed
and the angel body is unmolded.
With the wings being so glittery, the angel really needed a little bling.  I grabbed a few heat set crystals from Creative Crystal ( and pressed them into place.  I also created some arms for her. 
Perfect!   Into the oven the body goes.  275 degrees for about 20 minutes.  While I wait, I think the plain white mat may need a bit of help.  Time for embellishment!

I pulled out the Flourish Mask (#scm112) from Sin City.  Holding it in place, I held my breath as I made the 1st mark with the ink.  WHEW...Exactly what I was hoping for.
I quickly stamped the flourish spirals around the mat.  Hmmmm, it needs something else....

This month we are working with EC Ecstasy Crafts (  I looked in my package and found gorgeous outline stickers (Starform Outline Stickers #1225).  What a great touch for the edges and to highlight the center. 
Better, but something is still missing.  Off to my studio stash I go....
Metal scrapbooking words added the right touch.
A final detail is to amp up the plain, black frame.  I ran the VersaMark pad along each inner edge and sprinkled on some embossing powder (one edge at a time).  Excess powder was brushed away and then heat set. 
The metal words & clay figure were glued in place with The Ultimate glue (my favorite for everything!).  Double stick tape attached the paper & mat together.  Then it was placed into the frame.  Now to find somewhere to hang it!!
I hope you have enjoyed this process as much as I have enjoyed creating it.  See you next time!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Art Block by Pam Bray

I am totally hooked on these Artist Block using Sizzix XL Scoreboard and using it with my Fall Collection Stamp Set 2 made and amazing Art Block.
Start by cutting out two of the XL Scoreboard, stamping the "small dragonfly" using Black Ink.
Using your Tim Holt Distress Inks, distress over the top of the XL Scoreboard til you achieve the look you would like.
 Stamp lots of sunflowers and dragonflies on water color paper using a die black ink.
Color the sunflowers in using Tim Holtz Distress Markers
Repeat with your distress markers for the dragonflies...cut each of them out with scissors. Layer two dragonflies in the center so the wings will look like they are flying. 
The "Brick Wall" is Sin City Stamps Art Journaling with  Terri Sprouls 2. Layer sunflowers together with pop dots and the centers are made using Sage Flower Soft and Quick Dry Glue. Add them to your project when dry.
 For the top of the box I used wood letter journals along with just a tiny bit of French Country from Graphic 45, some metals and a few of the sunflowers and dragonflies I made earlier. Added a red sheer ribbon bow to finish the top off.
Here is the other side of the box using more of the wood letter pieces, sunflowers and dragonflies. My legs are recycled screws that were removed from an old cabinet....don't you love to re-purpose I hope you enjoyed my Art Block and please check out SinCity Store to check out my line of stamps along with other stamps, chipboard, die cuts, stencils, etc that are available. Hugs Pammejo
SinCity Stamps Pam Bray's Fall Collection 2
SinCity Stamps Art Journaling with Terri Sprouls 2
Sizzix/Eileen Hull XL Scoreboard Die
Graphic 45 French Country
Tim Holtz Distress Inks
Tim Holtz Distress Pens
Sage Flower Soft
Red Sheer Ribbon
Metal Knob
Black Ink
Stick Pins
Monday, April 14, 2014

WildHeart Art~ You've Got " Pretty Mail"~ SinCity Stamps Design Team Project featuring GreenSneakers

~You've Got "Pretty Mail"~

How special to send a letter in a lovely envelope that you have created! By using the  Kreate-A-Lope by GreenSneakers you can create a fabulous envelope in no time at all! I had so much fun, it is so easy and they look so professional! 

Gelli Plate for creating your designed paper
Asst acrylic paints
White copy paper
Embossing ink
Embossing  Powder (glitter)
Heat gun

  I started by adding paint to the Gelli Plate and spreading it around with the brayer. In the paint I stamped some of the butterfly stamps and then applied the paper pushing down firmly to create a good clear mono print.

  Here you have the outside template that creates the envelope shape.
 Place the template over the patterned paper,line up and tear around the edges.

 To get the shape you then fold the paper (print side down) around the inside template

 The envelope is then designed further with  the SinCity stamps. 

Because of the fact that there is allot of colored area I took white paint and smudged a small area so it can be  easily addressed .
 For a final touch I added some random stamped butterflies in purple ink and then embossing ink onto the butterfly stamp,applied embossing powder (glitter)  and then heated it with the heat gun.

The added touch of the embossing powder just made the envelope pop with sparkle and shine!
What a beautiful surprise to find in your mailbox~ fun to send and wonderful to receive!
Have fun with this easy and creative project!
~In Love & Faith~

Butterfly Card

Hey there!  This is Robin Redd (a.k.a. RockinReddRobin!)  Sin City Stamps is teaming up with Ecstasy Crafts this month.  I made a card, to share with you, using some fun products!
I started with the Ornare Vellum/Emb/ Piercing Template-stars (PR0565), found at Ecstasy Crafts, and some vellum paper.   I used the template with a light box so I was able to see where I needed to poke and press.  It is instructed to poke the small dots with a piercer and rub the larger spaces with an embossing tool.
This is how it looked once I was finished with the poking and piercing.
Next I took a piece of double sided sticky paper and removed the covering of one side and pressed it onto a piece of white cardstock.  Then I removed the other covering to reveal the cardstock completely covered with sticky.  I poured some fine glitter over the sticky paper, shook off the excess and pressed the glitter into the sticky paper with a rubber brayer.
I chose the Butterfly Starfoam Outline Stickers, also found at Ecstasy Crafts for my focal point.  I carefully pressed them onto the glittered paper.
I used Copic Markers to color in the Butterfly Stickers then cut them out using Teflon scissors.
After cutting out the vellum, following the scalloped edge formed by the template, I attached it to the front of my card.  I placed the butterflies on the card using foam tape.

Here is my pretty sentiment from the Fairies and Blossoms stamp set on the inside of my card.
And my little “Handmade By:” stamp, from the Wildlife stamp set, on the back.

I hope I’ve inspired you to create something today.

Until next time…

Friday, April 11, 2014

Steampunk Light Switch Plate

Hi, Peggy here to show you how I altered this light switch faceplate with Sin City Stamps!
Materials used today are: 
  • Sin City Stamps
  • Golden Molding Paste
  • Golden Gesso
  • Stencils (hexagon and circles)
  • Stazon Ink (black)
  • Distress Ink (Walnut Stain)
  • Water Mister
  • Heat Tool (Speed up drying time)
  • Gear Embellishments
  • E6000 Glue
  • Blank light switch plate
 I started by sealing my raw wood plate with a generous coat of white gesso. I made some texture with Golden Molding Paste and Stencils.
Below shows how I used a Machine Man Unmounted Steampunk Stamp. I only used parts of the stamp with Stazon Black ink and rolled them onto my plate. Stazon was an important ink to use as it is permanent ink. I dropped distress ink and let it bleed and sprayed it with water. As I sprayed I could see my stamped images reappear. I had excess distress ink that ran off my project and onto my mat. I made sure to soak up some wrinkled dictionary paper for another project down the line. 

After a first coat of distress ink had dried I wanted it a little darker so more distress ink was needed.
What I love about distress inks is that they are water based and the stazon ink is permanent, so I never lose my stamped images while darkening. 

 I added my embellishments with E6000 glue and thats it! Here you can see below the paper I used to soak up any extra ink.
 I hope you enjoyed my post and encourage you to come out and see the
Sin City Stamps Store for Stamps, Chipboard, Die Cuts, Stencils and more!..

Peggy Oliver