Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Life's a Witch, then you Fly!

 Hi Everyone, Michelle here to get you in the spirit of Halloween with a fun splatter card!

 Materials needed to make this card:
Halloween Takes Flight plate of rubber
Yellow, orange and red markers, any size.

A air spritzer or large bulb syringe.
Black ink, a makeup sponge, precision scissors. white paper, removable adhesive and foam tape.

The first thing you need to do is cut your card to size. Then ink up your Flying Witch and stamp onto a scrap of white cardstock. Carefully cut out the moon shape of the design and place a small bit of removable adhesive to the back. Place this on your card.
 Next hold your spritzer or bulb syringe  near the tip of a marker and give quick blasts of air to where you want ink to splatter.
 Always start with the lightest colors first. Also the newer the markers, the juicier they are and the bigger the drops of ink!
 Experiment by holding your markers at a angle for 'distance' splatters.
 When you are happy with the colors, remove the moon shaped cutout.
Re-ink the Flying Witch and stamp onto a clean piece of white cardstock.
This will need to be carefully cut out using your precision scissors. Takes but a minute or two.

Secure your Flying Witch over the blank moon space with pieces of foam tape. Then dab the make up sponge into the black ink and outline the edges of the card.

Stamp your sentiment and enjoy!