Monday, April 14, 2014

WildHeart Art~ You've Got " Pretty Mail"~ SinCity Stamps Design Team Project featuring GreenSneakers

~You've Got "Pretty Mail"~

How special to send a letter in a lovely envelope that you have created! By using the  Kreate-A-Lope by GreenSneakers you can create a fabulous envelope in no time at all! I had so much fun, it is so easy and they look so professional! 

Gelli Plate for creating your designed paper
Asst acrylic paints
White copy paper
Embossing ink
Embossing  Powder (glitter)
Heat gun

  I started by adding paint to the Gelli Plate and spreading it around with the brayer. In the paint I stamped some of the butterfly stamps and then applied the paper pushing down firmly to create a good clear mono print.

  Here you have the outside template that creates the envelope shape.
 Place the template over the patterned paper,line up and tear around the edges.

 To get the shape you then fold the paper (print side down) around the inside template

 The envelope is then designed further with  the SinCity stamps. 

Because of the fact that there is allot of colored area I took white paint and smudged a small area so it can be  easily addressed .
 For a final touch I added some random stamped butterflies in purple ink and then embossing ink onto the butterfly stamp,applied embossing powder (glitter)  and then heated it with the heat gun.

The added touch of the embossing powder just made the envelope pop with sparkle and shine!
What a beautiful surprise to find in your mailbox~ fun to send and wonderful to receive!
Have fun with this easy and creative project!
~In Love & Faith~