Monday, May 26, 2014

Our Private Zoo

Hey, there!  It’s Robin Redd (a.k.a. RockinReddRobin!)   

Today I’m sharing an envelope book used with the Envelope Template from Green Sneakers
in which Sin City Stamps is teaming up with this month.

I made 12 envelopes using 12 different sheets of paper, each one representing each month of the year.
I made an accordion fold 6” in height, the same length of the envelope, by 12” from a piece of cardstock.  I scored a line every ½” and fan folded the paper.
I adhered the bottom, front of each envelope to the same side of the fan fold 
until all folds were filled with envelopes.

I made a front and back cover by covering a piece of chipboard, ¼” larger than the envelopes.   
I taped a long piece of ribbon into the cover.  This will help bind the book and keep it closed.
I adhered the covers onto the outermost piece of the fan fold.
Here is the binding, showing the fan folded paper and the ribbon.

I stamped, “Our Private Zoo” from the Wildlife stamp set, onto the front of the book.  
 I will keep pictures of my cat and many dogs in here.
I folded back the top of the envelope.  Since the paper I used was double sided, 
I wanted to be able to see both the outside and the inside of the envelope.
I will slip 4 x 6 pictures and/or scrapbook pages into the envelopes.

I hope I have inspired you to create something today.

Until next time…