Sunday, June 1, 2014

Larger Documented Life Journal - Design Team Sin City Stamps Cover

Hi All Lisa Here. 

 Sin City Stamps

So I love my Smaller Documented Life Journal - but now that I merged it with every calendar I have going - Work, personal - Kids…  since it's a 5x7 journal was having some issue with getting everything into the journal….  Decided (since Michaels was having 40% sale) to get the larger Smash Journal.

Here's my old one.

The journal Started out like below:  I believe it's a 9x12 size

I started with Gel Medium and the Hazel & Ruby Tissue Paper and Sin City Stamps
I pulled from my 2 favorite Plate of Rubber
Using Tim Holtz Distress Inks

I love so much how the stamps just pop over the tissue paper.

Using different colors as well on the stamps.

Then I added Gelatos on top…  using my finger to move them around and I also didn't rub them over the stamped images.

Did different colors in layers all the way down the page.

And More

Once that set I pulled out the Washi Tape and just went at it!!!

Hint - Put a layer of Gel Medium over the washi Tape to make sure it doesn't peel up.

Here's what the inside looks like - I made via Excel the pages they are 2 weeks per page - and as you can see Football is taking over my summer.  My son is doing Swimming & Football - my daughter is Cheerleading and Surfing - this year working towards a competition. 

Now to have some fun…  I pulled out my #1 favorite Sin City Stamp Stencil

You will see I use this stencil in a lot of my art projects - I just love it…  

I used 3 different color paints.  Red, Orange and Yellow - and put on 2 layers of each just blending the color with a makeup sponge.
I LOVE how they came out.

You can see above how they just pop out…

I then pulled out my Liquid Acrylics I used 2 different color greens a dark and light.

Color Up.

Then pulled out the black paint and did the other side of the Journal.


Here's the final…  Tell me you don't just fall in love!!!!

I hope you like the blog post.  As always love your comments.

Wanted to share another canvas I'm working on… it's not done but love how it's coming along.
I've been invited to do an art exhibit in September in New Jersey and I've started to make the pieces for the show.  I'm so honored to be part of it and nervous...

Thank you