Saturday, July 5, 2014

Alice in Wonderland Scarf

I made a scarf that can also be worn on the Mad Hatter’s Hat!

Mad Hatter's Hat by Karen Lackey (3)
I used Alice Art Rubber Stamps and Alice 2 Art Rubber Stamps  from Sin City Stamps for the embellishments.   If you are an Alice in Wonderland fan, you will love these new stamps!

Here’s how I made the scarf.

Ink (I used ColorBox Chalk Ink in dark brown.)
Muslin (Mine was prewashed and tea dyed.)

I started by choosing some pretty blue lace wide enough for a scarf and cutting a length that would yield 64” after hemming.  I hemmed the ends.

Lace for scarf (2)
I stamped the images onto the muslin with the Chalk Ink.  When it dried, I heat set the ink with my iron.  For more information about stamping on fabric, read this post.

Stamping the images (2)
I used a rotary cutter to trim around the images.

Trimming the images
I chose some trims.  I didn't end up using everything in the picture.

Choosing the trims
Then I pinned the trim and the image to the scarf, stitched them in place, and trimmed them.
Adding the trims (2)
Alice in Wonderland Scarf by Karen Lackey (3)

You can wear it as a scarf.  Here it is on a dressform.

Alice in Wonderland scarf by Karen Lackey
Or you can wrap the scarf around your Mad Hatter’s Hat.

Alice in Wonderland scarf by Karen Lackey (4)
I really like it on my Mad Hatter Hat!