Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sin City Stamps Design Team Blog Going Crazy For Girls Autograph Book

HI All Lisa here

My daughter was going to a large concert in our area called Van's Warp Tour
we were going to getting lots of autographs so I wanted to do something special for her.

Below is the step by step and list of products used.  The new Sin City Stamps Chipboard Pieces the new girl line is so cute…

I put the book together with an old Chipboard Album I had - I don't have any of the details I guess I took it out of the packaging years ago and it was just sitting in a box.  I adhered different scrapbooking paper to the inside pages. I put some printed burlap on the cover and then I ripped up some handmade paper to the front and started to play with my Lindy Stamp Gang sprays…  this is where I was before I really got creative.

While I like the color…. of course it didn't look good - and then my box arrived from Sin City stamps  I pulled out these new Chipboard girls and BOOM… And Idea - Nicole with going for 4 other girls so this cover was perfect.

Here's a peak of the few pages on the inside of the book

So each page we had the bands sign and I had a Instant Photo Camera Fuji I used this to take the photos of the bands signing the book - or of her and them - and on 1 side has the photos and the other would be the autograph.

Pulled out my Stencils from Sin City Stamps (See below for details) - and Light Modeling paste.


Then while the book was drying I pulled out the Chipboard Girls and my Lindy's Stamp Gang sprays with a paint brush and just started painting the girls.

Once the girls were done and drying - I took to my Lindy's Stamp Gangs and prayed the cover - lots of different color just spray until you get the look you like.

I then took Aleene's Tacky Glue and attached them onto the book.  

I also filled in some spots with Black Paint - as well as around the edges.

Some close up photos

Thank you for checking the blog out 

List of Supplies
Chipboard Album
Lindy Stamp Gang Sprays

Sin City Stamps

Here's some fun photos from the concert… I tried to get the book now that it has all the instant photos with autograph but my daughter is too busy at looking that the memories to release it back to me.