Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Some"bunny" loves you!

Easter is closing in fast so I am busy making small treats to hang on my neighbors doors this year. I made these cute heart shaped tags with my handmade paper using the Arnold Grummer Papermill Kit and the stencils, Pattern 21 and Damask by Terri Sproul to add a little personalized greeting with each bunny treat.

Some"bunny" loves you.

After cutting my hearts out, I sprayed my ink directly onto the stencil itself and pressed the design onto the paper hearts using the  Pattern 21 design. Using reverse stenciling gives me an texture to begin layering with, without creating a harsh design which might compete with my next layer.

Next I masked off the area that I wanted to ink through with the Damask stencil using sticky notes to cover the areas I didn't want my ink to go through. I also used the same color ink to color the edges of the hearts with.

To finish up, all I needed was to punch a hole through each heart and a small slit so I could slide them over the string which holds up each bunny treat on the door handle.

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