Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Making a mold from your stamp

 Hi everyone, today I am sharing a card that I created by using my stamp, Anime Fairies Art Rubber Stamps  a little differently to create a sympathy card.

I first began my project by making a mold of the wings from the stamp set. I kneaded some Sculpey Clay until it was soft and spread it out on a piece of wax paper and then pressed the wings into the soften clay to get a nice deep impression. Remove the stamps, follow the directions on the clay's packaging for baking it and voilĂ , you have a mold to use. Next I followed the directions for making paper pulp casting to create the wings. I prefer to use paper casting as it is lightweight, which is important when mailing your card.

I used all handmade paper for this project which gives you lots of rich texture. 

Inking the raised designs on the wings to bring them out a little more.

My last step was to hand sew around the heart and then added all the layers together. I used my white Signo pen to add some faux stitching marks around the base of the card.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you will look at your stamps a little differently and see the other ways you can use them. Stamps are a great investment and well worth their versatility!


  1. another fabulous one .. i love it!!!

  2. WOW that is amazing. I love it.

  3. Beautiful card. Does the clay bake to a hard consistancy?

  4. This is just beautiful and the stamp idea is a good one, love the hand made paper You are just amazing designer.

  5. I love the details in the wings they look fabulous and its just a lovely thoughtful sympathy card.

  6. Great project, love the idea of making molds with stamps. Just another way to use our supplies! TFS

  7. You are forever re-inventing how to use your supplies and I love that about you!!! I love the look and feel of the homemade paper and the beautiful texture when you run your hands over it. This is a beautiful card and fantastic way to use your stamps in so many different ways. You rock!!


Thank you!