Saturday, March 25, 2017

Believe in Fairies Wall Hanging - Home Decor

Hello Sin City Stamp Fans,
It's Karen here today to share my wall hanging.  I bought an inexpensive Christmas decoration in the after Holiday sales. I didn't mind that it was ugly and poorly painted because I knew that I would be covering that design and transforming it completely. Now let me present my new springtime decoration featuring the lovely fairy & flower stamps from Sin City Stamps.

1. Fairies Blossoms 2 Stamp Set
2. Inhale Exhale Art Stamp Set
3. Art Journaling 2 Stamp Set
4. black pigment ink pad / black permanent ink pad
5. purple dye ink pad
6. gold & purple pigment ink pad
7. transparency / white cardstock
8. glitter glue
9. liquid adhesive / gold micro beads
10. watermark ink / embossing powder / heat gun / chipboard word
11. ribbon / mini gems
12. white acrylic paint / sponge brush
13. stencil
14. texture paste
15. purple & gold spray mists
16. clear crackle paint

1. Stamp flowers with black pigment ink on white cardstock. (1 xlarge - 1 large - 2 medium - 1 small) Color the flowers using a sponge applicator with purple die ink.

2. Carefully, cut them out. Use scissors to make a snip towards the center of the flower (1 large & 1 medium) and continue cutting a 1/2" circle from the center. To give the flower more natural dimension, overlap the edges of the two end petals and adhere them together.

 3. Next, snip between each of the petals so that each petal is able to curl. Begin to adhere the four concentric layers. The first layer is large 3D. The next flower is flat. The third layer is medium 3D and the smallest flower is flat. Lastly, gently curve and bend each petal to vary their placement. Apply liquid adhesive to the center of the flower and add gold micro beads to the wet glue. Gently pat the beads to make sure they are well embedded in the adhesive.

4. Remove the hanging ribbon so the plaque lays flat on the table. Use a foam brush to apply white acrylic paint to the plaque. 2-3 coats of paint may be needed. Set aside to dry. 

5. Use permanent black ink to stamp the fairies onto transparency. Carefully, cut them out. Make the wings dimensional by gently bending them.  Stamp another set of wings, folding them in half, and adhere them to the colored fairy on the largest flower. Apply iridescent glitter glue to the wings and set them aside to dry.

6. Randomly stamp different size flower stamps onto the white background board using purple pigment ink. To make a mask, stamp an image of the flower onto scrap paper and cut it out. Align the paper mask over the stamped image and stamp another flower overlapping the original flower. Remove the mask to reveal the layered images. Repeat masking & stamping.

7. Apply gold ink to bare chipboard. Next, apply watermark ink over the gold and add embossing powder and heat set. Repeat the process by adding different colors of embossing powder with each new layer.

 8. Stamp the script background design in the open spaces between flowers.
When dry, apply a light layer of white acrylic paint over the stamped flower images allowing a faint image to be visible through the paint. 

8. Place the stencil down and apply purple spray mist randomly. Remove the stencil.
When thoroughly dry, spray three areas with gold mist and allow to dry. 

Next, apply white crackle paint over those same three areas. 

After it is thoroughly dry, spray again with gold mist to allow it to seep into the cracks making them more pronounced.

 9. Place the stencil down and apply texture paste in randomly areas through the stencil.

When thoroughly dry, spray purple mist over the texture paste design. 

9.  Attach the chipboard word partially overhanging the top of the plaque and reattach the hanging ribbons. Adhere gems to the center of the flowers and the chipboard title. Lastly, apply clear crackle paint over the texture paste flourishes.
 Arrange all the elements and stamped images and then adhere the largest flowers.
 Add the fairies..
Stamp small butterflies onto white cardstock, color, cut, and then embellish with gems.   

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