Friday, March 31, 2017

Cure for Boils Potion Book

Hi Monique here and  I have an Art Journal page for you with a very useful recipe for a potion.

Supplies used:

Masking tape
Ink pads in shades of brown, rust colors and black
Spiderweb mask
Waterproof stamp ink in black and brown
Colored pencils
Metallic gold paint
Water spray bottle
Permanent black pen
Blank notebook

How to:

Step 1:  Mask the bingo stamp, only the top part is going to be used and masking the part you are not going to use before inking will avoid smudges on the page.

Step 2: Use brown ink to stamp on the top and bottom of the pages, it is not a problem if it doesn't show well, you will see why later on.

 Step 3: Using brown ink, continue stamping your images. These will be in the background so the clarity of the image doesn't have to be perfect. (Here the skeleton head vintage key and  the skull shaped cauldron were used)

Step 4: Use black ink to now add the powdered cobwebs pot , then stamp it again onto some masking paper. This creates a "mask"- place this over the existing stamped image.

Step 5: Repeat step 4 with the rest of the bottle stamps.

 Step 6: Continue stamping and masking till you have a set of 5, leave all masks on when done stamping.

Step 7 : Ink all over your pages with the rusty color.
Leave the masks on for step 8.
Step 8:  Place the spiderweb stencil onto the pages and ink over with the shades of brown inks.
Do not remove the masks on the bottles just yet.

Step 9: Splatter some water drops over the page and see how the inks react with the water. Add some darker brown and black ink to the page to give it a aged weathered look.
 Leave the bottle masks on till you are done aging the page.

Step 10: Remove masks and color in the bottles
 Step 11: Remember the first stamp impressions on the top and bottom of the pages, trace them using gold paint and a small paint brush.
Add some gold paint to the edges of the pages too.

Step 12: Hand write the recipe for the potion (this one came from the internet).

Here some detail pictures of the page to show the stamps in the back ground

The colored bottles.

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