Friday, March 3, 2017

Stamped Image Masking Technique

 Hi Everyone!
I belong to a card making group that meets at my home once a month. This months theme was "Masking". There are many types of masking in the card world, and this tutorial is just one of them! I made this card for our swap and to show you how fun it is to play with Sin City Stamps!

 Materials and tools needed:

So the first thing you want to do is to stamp your images onto the newsprint paper. The reason I use news print is that it won't bleed and its thin enough to make the mask.  Here we are starting with the wheel stamp. I stamped the wheel onto the white cardstock, then again onto the newsprint.  I carefully cut it from the newsprint and placed it onto the wheel stamped cardstock with the removable adhesive.

 Next I began to stamp the bottle images as shown.  When I was done, I carefully removed the wheel image.

I stamped about 5 bottles onto the newsprint, cut them out and placed them over the pre-stamped bottles with the removable adhesive. I stamped the shell image over the newsprint bottles and then moved the bottles to the other side and added the rest of the shells.  Once all the newsprint images were removed, I started coloring in the images with color from the ink pads.

 After I was done coloring everything in, I placed the card onto the craft mat and secured in place with tape. Then I carefully cut out all the unpainted cardstock with the craft knife.
I adhered this onto the front of my card and finished with a few embellishments.  .

 Here is another card I made for myself.

 What do you think? Are you inspired?
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