Saturday, September 9, 2017

Halloween Ornament "Dead Men tell No Tales"

"Hi all, Monique here.

Halloween is getting near so its time to start working on decoration!

Supply list:

From Sin City Stamps

Black waterproof stamp ink
Acrylic paint in neon orange, black and neon orange glitter
Wooden frame (mine is house shaped but any shape will do)
pencil and scissors
plastic Skull bead
black Ribbon
foam dots
Step 1 : Paint the frame orange (my frame had a heart in it so I removed that first).
 Take a piece of cardstock big enough to fit the frame and paint that orange too.
 When paint on the frame is dry add orange glitter paint over it.

Step2: Use the grave stamp and black ink to make an impression on the painted cardstock

Step 3:Use the frame and pencil to make outlines on the cardstock and cut it to fit the frame.

Step 4: Make an impression on the remaining orange cardstock using the owl stamp and black ink.
Then cut out the Owl .

Step 5: Take a piece of black ribbon and add the skull bead, attache the ribbon to the top of the frame. 

 Step 6: Adhere the frame to the stamped piece of cardstock.

 Step 7: Paint the edges of the frame black.

 Step 8: Stamp "Dead men tell no tales " on a piece of the orange cardstock

 Step 9: Cut the words apart , ink the edges and add foam dots to the back of the words.

Step 10: Adhere the words to the back ground and the owl to the frame.

Have fun making Halloween decorations!
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Happy Stamping!