Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Simply Mini Halloween Treat Tags

 If any of you have kids, you know that it's fun to add seasonal treats to their lunches from time to time. Right? I have drawn Jack-O-Lantern faces with a sharpie onto tangerines and labeled a small bag of mini marshmallows as 'snowman poop'!

However, son loves these seasonal Oreo's, so I have placed a few in little baggies and decorated with stamped mini tags. Takes maybe 15 minutes to do the tags below.
 Items I used: Blank mini tags, alcoholic pens for coloring,black ink, coordinating ribbon, and the following Sin City Stamps....Winged Skeleton, Mummy Ribs,  Ashes of Ex-Lovers,  and Cat Whiskers.
Simply stamp your tags with black ink and color sparingly. Then bag up some treats and add the tags! 
 This is also a great idea to thank a neighbor or surprise your mailman or favorite checker at the grocery store.