Wednesday, May 14, 2014

No Thank you Cards… No Problem - thanks to Kreate-A-Lope

Hi all Lisa here.  Very excited about this months Cross Promotion Green Sneakers

We had a last minute mini-birthday get together for my son and his friends.  
My baby is growing up - 14…

I wanted to get thank you cards out to his friends for his gifts.

Of course I didn't have any thank you cards….   what to do..

Sin City Stamps to the rescue….
In my goody package was this card template. - and this month cross promotion.

Now you know how new things scare me so of course I put it to the side of my desk.

Then… enters… You Tube.
Green Sneakers has a cute youtube video

They make it look so easy….. No way it can be this easy… right?

So here's the process  I pulled out different patterned paper (used whatever you like)

You put the template right on the paper - and just pull to tear.

And magic….   it's so simple..   I don't tear very well - so I did use scissor to trim - HINT:  If you hold down "a bit firm" it teared the paper clean.  By the last one I had it down perfect.

Then you just fold it over…   I didn't even use a bone folder it really is that easy.

Put a little glue on it - and the envelop is made…  I keep saying this - but it's that easy...

Then pulled out my favorite sin city stamps… 

Below are different versions…  Did some hand drawing inside some of them.

Now the next step I did..  I used the "window" template and teared off that side for the "card".

More cards/envelops

Here's the 4 cards I made.

The Envelops

I hope you enjoy… please go out and get this template - it's super easy - and for that last minute card - or invitations nothing better than a hand made for that extra special touch.

Products Used:

Kreate-A-Lope - Green Sneaker
Ranger - Tim Holtz Distress Ink - Black Soot
Washi Tape
Prima Chalk Ink
Sin City Stamps - Classic Spark  ** This is a must have!!!
Play Color - Instand Educa - Black