Thursday, February 5, 2015

Blooming Butterflies Canvas

Tamiko here with my first post for Sin City Stamps..  Woohoo!  My process was pretty long.. so I am going to just jump right in.  I hope you enjoy!

It wasn't until cutting my sheet of stamps called Bingo from the Art Rubber Stamp Line, that ideas began to flow, of how I would use portions of this set.  The cling rubber was already applied so it is was easy to just cut.. and place on an acrylic block or just stamp freely as I often do!  

Here is my canvas.  


A few of my supplies included:

  • Plate of Rubber- Bingo
  • Cottonwood Canvas Board
  • Faber Castell Gelatos
  • Workable Fixative
  • Matte Medium
  • Wet napkins
  • brush
  • few gel pens for details/lines
  • Faber Castell Big Brush Pitt Pen
  • Napkin
  • Tissue paper
  • Gesso
  • ink pads
  • dabs of acrylic paints

I started out picking some of my favorite gelatos and building a background on my canvas board.

I then rubbed then into the canvas.. Decided I wanted them to blend a little more so I added white gelato.  To tone down the colors,  I kept a wet napkin nearby to moisten my fingertip.and rub everything in.. I also clean my fingertip between color changes.  Very important.. Especially if the colors you have if combined.. give you brown.. when you DON'T want it.. :)

I also framed it with my black gelato.  Then I sprayed a workable fixative on it. so I could continue to layer and not lose my colors, due to additional wet medium being applied...

I stamped my butterfly sentiment on it and it didn't come out like I wanted.. So when in doubt.. GESSO IT!! :)  Gesso is your friend!!

Looking Better already!!  I added more gelatos to get color back. and decided.. that workable fixative.. didn't work so well for me after all on this project!  Or maybe I was using it wrong?  Either way.. I knew I had to change something.. Add tissue!

I knew I wanted some texture so I used some tissue paper in my background.  I applied some matte medium and smoothed it out. I also placed the matte medium on top as well.

I added more gesso because .. I just wasn't pleased again!  ::thinking third try is a charm:: (fingers crossed) Then I decided.. I still  really want to use my butterfly quote.  so then I saw a napkin nearby and decided I would also use that!

The napkin was 3ply and with a small tear. I was able to separate all 3 layers.  I fussy cut the flower and butterfly I needed for my canvas board.

OooO Lala.. pretty

Here comes the matte medium! I applied it not only to the napkin, but the whole picture!

Then I decided to add a little acrylic over my corner to stamp on top of.  Then my image was fine!  I used a few gel pens to do some line work on images through my piece.  I love how it twinkled!

I want to thank you for coming by!  It's FRIDAY, which means it's the weekend baby!  Enjoy it.. and come check out Sin City Stamps and CREATE SOMETHING!!