Friday, April 17, 2015

Life is..

Thank Goodness its FRIDAYYYY!!  You know I have heard this as early as Thursday morning??  I am going to share something with you that every artist should know.  Sometimes we have to hear someone else say it to remind ourselves.  LIFE is a GREAT BIG Canvas.. throw all the PAINT on it YOU CAN!!  I created a journal page to remind myself.!

The supplies I used for this art journal page are:
Sin City Stamps- Pattern 2 Stencil by Terri Sproul
Sin City Stamps- Circle Collage Stencil by Terri Sproul
Moleskine Sketch
Deco Art Americana Acrylics- Blue Bird, Flamingo, Iris and Cotton Ball
Deco Art Americana Neon Acrylics- Sizzling Pink
Deco Art Gesso
Deco Art Chalkboard paint
Deco Art Paint Marker- Black
Neocolor II
Design Memory Craft- Gelatos - Blueberry,Raspberry and Bubblegum
Stabilo All Pencil- Black
Baby Wipes

I prepped my page with a gesso.  I had already laid down some napkin, book paper and rub-ons.  All it did was strengthen the page.  I had a whole knew plan to create now. I dabbed on the 3 acrylic paints with a baby wipe and let dry.  Then I painted on the neon pink.  Before it dried I plopped Circle Collage stencil down and used a baby wipe to wipe away the neon.  I was digging how that came out and did both pages.  I am really loving the stencils from Sin City Stamps.  They aren't stiff or bulky so I keep them right in my journal.

Then I stared at the page for a while.. and while I was in love with the colors and pattern from the stencil, I was stuck!  Which way to go?  I read my quote again.. I needed a body!  I immediately thought of my stash of body doubles I had clipped from a magazine thanks to Terry Sproul!!  Yep I am blaming her!  I have a lot more stencils now than I did when I first saw her Tuesday night class, (Class starts promptly at 9est/8cst) It doesn't stop me from grabbing a few I like to play with.

this is what the image really looked like..

Here I flipped her over and stenciled  her with some chalkboard paint
Then I took the second stencil, pattern 2 and made a bit of a boarder around the rest of the journal layout. Decided I didn't want a silhouette of the body.  So I loosely sketched with my Stabilo All the image of a woman.

I used my Neocolor II to add even  more color to her skin and clothing. Then I added some gesso to the open space on the right; so my quote would be be more visible. used the gelatos on the edges and I was done.  ::smiles::

Well I hope the next time you buy stencils you check out Sin City Stamps' line.  While you are there check the hot new stamps by Terri Sproul and Daniella Hayes debuts her first set!! (woo hoo!!)  As always  I appreciate YOU for coming by and leaving comments and I wish you a wonderful weekend!!