Sunday, July 26, 2015


Hello and thank you for visiting today!!  I have a super fun project to share with you!  I call it "Splatter Flowers"!


I started by covering the page with shell stencils and molding paste.  When it was dry I started splattering my colors.  I started with yellow Twinkling H2O's and let them dry.  I moved on to a light green and let it dry.  Then, I made concentrated areas of color on 4 sections of the paper.  I used 2 shades of blue, pink and purple.  I stenciled first so the colors would flow unevenly and mix together in fun and interesting ways!

The bottom left was too much on the stencil and I didn't like how it looked.  So the other 3 areas were not concentrated on a whole stencil.  I made sure that it was only on the edge or side of a stenciled shell, leaving white areas inside.  I LOVE how they look!  I cut the 4 sections apart so they were card sized and stamped a flower on each.

WOW I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!  I actually thought I would like this flower least because the leaves wouldn't be green but I was so wrong!!  I like this one best!  The abstract look is fabulous, the texture from the stencil is amazing and the splatter is awesome!!

My second favorite is the blue flower.  Actually, I love this one too!!  So hard to pick just one!!  This is my new favorite effect to make.  I know it will be used on art journal pages, canvases and more cards.  I hope I find tons of other uses for this effect because it is not only beautiful, it is sooo fun to do!  Splattering is always fun, isn't it???

I hope you try this super fun project for yourself!  I can't wait to see what you make!